Stanley & Sonya’s Story

Stanley & Sonya’s Story

We were recommended to contact Mind over Cancer from Sophie our Sons Young lives Vs Cancer support worker as I mentioned to her that our other son was struggling with his brother having cancer and being newly diagnosed. It was such a shock to us all. 

From the moment we contacted them I felt a huge relief, the welcome I got from Susie was lovely nothing was too much trouble, after I explained our situation, she said that she could help. Susie took some details and said she would speak to others and find the most suitable counsellor for our youngest son to help him.   

I felt a sign of relief knowing that my youngest was also going to be supported through this difficult time especially as he was having to live with his grandparents due to all the treatment his brother was having. I think it was harder for him as whilst we were living with it daily, he was only imagining and hearing some of what we were dealing with as opposed to seeing it, which wasn’t easy.

We then had a call from the counsellor to discuss the finer details. It was great as Theresa said she could start the following week. The first session they just chatted; it was a kind of get to know each other session. Stanley left the call feeling happier and that he wasn’t alone. 

Each week after that they would have a virtual meeting where they would discuss problems. How he felt and talk about his feelings and what was worrying him. However, they didn’t just talk there was always a craft involved. Stanley loves being creative. I was impressed with Theresa’s creative side and how attentive she was. She always listened and never rushed Stanley. Each week they came up with a different craft together, but whilst doing this they were working on Stanleys self-esteem, confidence, emotions, how to deal with different situations etc and talking through his worries and problems.

Theresa and Susie went above and beyond, and I cannot thank them enough. After the sessions came to an end, I finally felt like I had my little boy back he was much more happy, less scared and didn’t carry the world on his shoulders like he had previously. 

Any family that reaches out to this Charity will be in very good hands knowing they go above and beyond and as a family we are truly grateful for all their support.



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